As though it is only a matter of time. But in order to build a bomb, iran would have to deny access to un inspectors and, well, initiate a program to build a bomb. That it has not done so is covered up in mainstream u.s. Political and journalistic discourse, to the point where the new york times had to apologize for stating (contrary to panetta) that iran has a nuclear weapons program (it does not, as far as anyone can gabapentin 300 mg side effects tell). And now, it turns out, the obama administration is even willing to admit the truth. The sanctions regime on iran is not even primarily about the civilian nuclear enrichment program (to which iran has a right under the nuclear non-proliferation treaty), but about causing the regime to collapse. I think blockading a civilian population for the purpose of instituting regime change in a state toward which no authorization of force has been issued by the un security council may well be a war crime. Even advocating a war crime can under some circumstances be punishable, as happened at the nuremberg trials. Iraq 2003), iran has not unilaterally attacked a nation that had not attacked it, and iran has not occupied other states.

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